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The rental car service even dropped me off at Leale's after I returned the rental. Only minor complaint was they said the car would be ready on Thurs or Fri and it wasn't ready until the following Tuesday. But no worries as they extended the length of time on the rental car for free. I would definitely recommend these guys to my friends and family.

And, most importantly, the Taurus seems to be running great so far. I love having mechanics that I can trust. They are solid business people with high integrity and they know their cars. I would recommend you give them a try. When my transmission went out in my Acura Tl. Jim made sure everything went great! Thanks again!!

Lyle has excellent mechanical skills. Very satisfied. Will bring my daughter's Lexus RX back to have the rack and pinion replaced, as soon as it fully degrades in the next few months. Very happy they were able to provide quick srevice for the transmission filter and flush. Took my Honda to the shop without any appointment after an object hit the undercarriage with a thunderous bang. They were busy, but they took me in. After 20 minutes of wait, they explained to me that although some mental edges were dented, the undercarriage was fine and there was no visible damage.

They fixed the piece of plastic shielding that was hanging. And the best part was that they told me that there would be no charges as there wasn't much work done. I was floored! Definitely recommend for people who are unsure about what they are in for with car repair. These guys seem honest and very nice. Best place in town I did my own research.

Thank you Thank you! My car died. The people at the 2nd Street Wheel Works pointed me to Leale's. They made a great impression on the phone. The person who helped me was very well spoken. I wasn't too sure what to think when I showed up and saw a lot full of big trucks.

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They also repair RVs and what not. They were communicative and reasonably priced. They told me what the problem part was and what the part did with no hesitation. As a female, I've had some bad experiences with auto places treating me like an idiot. My dad was a mechanic and I do all my own work on my motorcycles and a small chunk on my car so I know when someone is trying to pull one over on me.

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I was then told it was too late because they were almost finished with the repair and that I would need to pay. When I went in to pick it up from the shop I explained to Jim what had happened and he apologized for the confusion and he agreed to honor the original quote. His professional mannerism and his honesty and integrity are impressive qualities. The technicians are qualified with years of experience and have very good troubleshooting skills.

Overall it was a good experience and if you are in the area, I recommend Leale's for automotive repair work. We keep coming back because of their awesome service and their ability to get our vehicles in and out as soon as possible. They have proven time and time again that they are trustworthy and helpful! Lonnie and his team did a great job on my Audi A4 1. He mentioned it was one of the most complex transmissions they've had to work with. Once the parts finally arrived from Audi not Leale's fault they made the rebuild and install a priority Keeping me up to date on the progress regularly.

After the install they did a test drive to make sure everything worked as expected, it did on the first try. Gotta give it up to their technicians.

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Thanks again! I did the 30k maintenance of my toyota highlander there today. The people are really nice and the job was done very well and quickly. I compared 4 different stores and it is much cheaper than others. I would definitely go next time. Yep, this place rocks. Clean, well managed, fair and honest.

They actually loaned me a car for free until mine was ready - They communicated with me every step of the way, and being a car guy myself, I knew they weren't "jerking me around". The price was less than I expected, and as I was checking out, one of the office guys was giving another customer a ride back to his house while they did the repair. They even asked the guy "do you need your car back today", and I thought, WOW.

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These guys are ON IT!! It's tough to find a competent shop you can trust - You're in good shape with these guys. I can't say enough good things about Lonni and the guys at Leale's. So we went with Leale's because they were the cheapest and came with a warrenty. Which was great because we have a son with special needs that has 2 to 3 doctors appointments a week and not having a car makes that hard to handle. Fast forward 2 months and my friends car died on me while I was driving it to work one day. Leale's rocks!! I have been boasting about you guys on my Facebook page too and have several friends inquire more information so they can check you out.

We will be getting the motor mounts in our van replaced next and I don't think we will be visiting any other shop for our auto needs as long as Leale's is around and keeps this same level of service. Keep up the good work guys! I have used this auto repair shop several times in the past couple of years.

My last experience was an absolute pleasure. Bob was excellent to work with and he kept his word. I was on the fence as to whether or not I wanted the repairs done or not. Bob gave me an estimate and kept his word. I wasn't hit with any surprises even though the job wound up being more difficult than they expected. I think they barely broke even on this job. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this shop.

Professional, courteous, and honest. My daughter is going to S. Thanks Alot I was amazed at the service, professionalism and fair prices at Leales. If something was wrong with your car, regardless of what it is, I would recommend Leales! Lonni was very helpful and friendly and I never have been so pleased with spending thousands of dollars to repair a car! I went in with a Saturn having transmission issues, and some other incidental problems.

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Lonni said he had worked for Saturn for years and expressed that he suspected a certain issue because my car was notorious for it.