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Diann Hunt. Published by Thomas Nelson.

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While I always enjoy Kristen Jun 5, Read More From Diann Hunt Amoy fruit double hole basin faucet hot and cold three washbasin Korean version. Stainless steel universal robot single-hole cold and hot water faucet fashion basin dragon variable million.

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Diann Hunt Bookreporter. Cold floor alert!

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Cold floors -- and cold feet -- are a common complaint in winter, and they really are no laughing matter, especially if you count elderly relatives, small children, or pets among your household members. Even if you've tried all kinds of thermal socks and fuzzy slippers, the solution might not be as simple as finding the right kind of footwear. In fact, the problem could well be your floor, especially in a room at ground level or worse yet, in the basement.

Floors of ceramic, stone, or concrete are the worst culprits, with hardwood a runner-up. Luckily, there are ways to combat this chilly predicament. Start with the simplest solution, which will help provide a comfortable temperature for the whole house, not just the floor.

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Stop drafts and heat loss. Fill any holes or cracks in the walls or between your baseboards and the floor with caulk or other sealant. In addition, install or replace the weatherstripping around your doors and windows. Make or buy a draft snake. An excellent move is to insulate the ceiling.

4 cold places amidst the tropical Brasil

Hot air rises, after all, and it would be a pity to waste the warm air you are paying for your HVAC system to produce, by losing it through the ceiling. When the floor is above an unheated crawl space, install insulation between the floor joists. Be sure to check periodically to make sure that it is in good shape; insects or critters may occasionally get into your crawl space and wreak havoc with your insulation. However, Guatemala rarely experiences heavy tropical storms. The dry season stretches from March to the early part of May, when Guatemala may go weeks without rain.

Visiting Guatemala during the wet season may require some extra dry footwear and a rain jacket, but it also guarantees vibrant, colorful landscapes.

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Jennifer Marlowe is a seasoned journalist with experience since Only In Your State. Climate in Guatemala Travel Tips. About the Author Jennifer Marlowe is a seasoned journalist with experience since Haussmann, Cesar Hidalgo, et. Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike 3.

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Marlowe, Jennifer. Climate in Guatemala.

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