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Contact Us Box Norwich, Vermont It is searching and growing, with those you love by your side, actually the only piece that really matters? All I know is that last night, around , when I found the missing piece, I shouted so loudly I scared Princess Two. The girls came running from their rooms to see what all the fuss was about. I had to reenact how I spotted it and we all exclaimed and marveled and conjectured how it had come to be there and when.

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Then, BHE gave the piece to P2 to complete the final piece of the puzzle. Satisfied, we all went to bed. Upon reflection, after both BS1 and P2 suggested we do puzzles more often, I was pleased with my experiment. Blending this family has been hard.

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But seeing all of them working together on that puzzle gave me hope. Reading this I would like to know more.

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I am 73 and we all have a story. Your email address will not be published. I also set a timer on my phone in the evening to remind myself!

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Oh and a quick note about the whole Elf on the Shelf thing: our Elf just moves, sometimes brings gifts, and sometimes does silly things. This year I wanted some sort of theme. Looking over the previous years I noticed that our Elf called Cecil, by the way brought a festive puzzle with him one morning.

I decided to use the puzzle theme and let the Elf bring one piece each day — with a few other bonus gifts thrown in! This would build anticipation not only for finding the Elf, but for completing the puzzle.

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Our Elf arrived the day after Thanksgiving as usual. He brought the first puzzle piece which made my son think that the Elf had hidden the rest of the puzzle somewhere in the house!

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I let a short search go on before suggesting that maybe we should wait until the next day and see if he brought the rest.