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As a special bonus, Will Murray has written an introduction especially for this series of eBooks. Table of Contents:. Meet the Spider! Money, of course. Now, the Underworld has lost its fear of the police. Thieves, holdup men… all are certain they will not be apprehended. The Green Death mysteriously strikes down anyone who attempts to interfere with them.

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In return, they must hand over 10 percent of their take. Yes, the Master of the Green Death is taxing the Underworld for his assistance. If they refuse, they too become victims of the Green Death. No one knows the identity of the hidden mastermind. They suffer the tortures of a burning fire in their veins, a fire that can only be quenched by a regular injection of a greenish fluid from this fiend.


They must obey! Hoo-boy, this is the definition of pulp! The dead lie in the streets.

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  6. Crooks in their getaway cars ruthlessly ride over the prostrate victims. There is no sign of Ram Singh , Jackson , or Jenkyns in this tale. Only Nita and Kirkpatrick are regular characters to appear, and both are seen only briefly. But now that the Blinky McQuade guise is being abandoned, will we see her in the future? There is an interesting sub-plot in this story. Hundreds of showgirls are kidnapped and put aboard a freighter bound for Buenos Aires and the infamous bordellos of Latin America.

    A trace of titillation, here. That was typical of author Norvell W. Page who liked to insert these little things into his stories. Of course, The Spider rescues them all, with the aide of 50 of the resilient young ladies. In the end, Richard Wentworth discovers that the secret behind the Green Death is something in the water. That combined with excitement… action… any rush of physical activity… triggers the poison. Unfortunately, by the time Wentworth discovers this fact, he has drunk the water, himself.

    Now he must remain calm and cool… or die. Not easy to do and still defeat the madman and rescue Nita Van Sloan. Oh yes, Nita was captured… yet again. This story does leave some unanswered questions that still nag at me. He was infected with the Green Death. Time and again, we see Wentworth start to exert himself, only to feel the clutch of the Green Death, yet at the end, he runs up the catwalks, frantically fights his way through… He runs, he climbs, he swings on his silk cord, with all his strength he urges his body, he strains every muscle to keep going. And he lives. Did the drug wear off?

    What about the blank-faced men? What was their fate? Last we saw them, they had turned mad, and gleefully watched men and women being slaughtered in that giant mowing machine. Will they continue to receive the potion that relieves the symptoms of the burning torture?

    Do any still live? Will they be cured? Again, we receive no answers. And what of little Bobby Hanley?