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Although she is now clean and sober, she is surrounded by temptation and haunted by painful memories of being raped. When Julia has trouble making enough money stripping, she begins to sell sex for money again. Julia becomes more successful at work, eventually earning a high-profile client, named Saad who buys her a luxurious apartment and car. They call her husband and learn that she has gone missing. Eventually Lena contacts Julia, asking for money. Julia throws money at Lena and leaves, not caring about how the money is used. From then on Lena is in and out of rehab.

The book then jumps forward three months.

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Julia is living in her apartment with Saad and feeling dissatisfied. She uses the cocaine and the story ends, leaving readers to wonder what will happen next. Craved explores the lives of sex workers without judgment, but also without concealing the less-glamorous parts of their job. Bertie Thomas has found himself in a bit of trouble, more like a lot of trouble.

He has been linked some terrorist activity and is looking for a way out. Instead, he calls in Rainbow who finds himself in the thick of an affair that threatens to end in a bloodbath. Can Rainbow prevent it? Will his gorgeous former girlfriend help or hinder his mission? As Rainbow wades deeper into the mire, the case assumes what his Aunt Rube calls the color of memory: indigo, or should that be indiquo or indicio? Boag has done it again with his newest detective thriller in the Rainbow series.

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Written with deft humor and a witty turn of phrase, this latest installment sends Rainbow into the bowels of Sydney to stumble his way to the truth. Rainbow falls into all heaps of trouble along the way to help a young man get out of trouble.

With his quirky sense of humor, Boag leaves the reader wondering what will happen next and who will be responsible. Knowing that Rainbow is on the case means that the ride will be exciting and funny. There are hundreds of conspiracy theories circulating around the world.

Troy Evans is arrested and placed in psychiatric care after reporting a terrorist threat he discovered while having an out-of-body experience. Now he must fight against time and disbelief to stop the plot, if he can get anyone to listen. Creativity is what makes this novel so interesting. Unfortunately the creativity gets lost due to technical issues and mediocre writing. Missing words make sentences difficult to understand, and leave the reader going back to the same sentences several times to try and discern what the author is saying.

Unnecessarily complex words are also used as a way to make the writing more intellectual. What the author excels at though is crafting dialogue. Conversations between characters are believable and move the story forward. The reader can easily imagine sitting in a room witnessing discussions between government officials.

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The Deception People puts forth a unique story, and if the reader can persevere through technical issues they will be rewarded with a few hours of enjoyment. Fatal Alliance by Elizabeth Farris.

Their bond continues to flourish as Jake becomes a stellar employee and friend while BJ provides the lavish toys and amusement. As the two become closer and more successful together, an alliance is formed- an alliance which Jake, once he learns the truth, will have to decide whether or not to betray. Fatal Alliance is an accessible text with clear diction and an eye for titillating details. It successfully weaves sensitive romance alongside graphic sexual scenes, ideal for reaching audiences of different desires.

It combines a love story with a mystery, a violent tale with a romance. The plot line is simply constructed and easy to follow, but simultaneously devoid of complexity and deeper intrigue. Backfire by James L. Griffith is one of these stories, a thrilling conspiracy by the NSA to spy not only on agencies of the US government, but foreign governments across the world. Any who come close to the truth, or those on the inside who threaten to expose it, are ruthlessly murdered by the shadowy agents of the NSA.

John T.

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Parker, a highly experienced and skilled FBI agent slowly becoming out of place as an aging field agent in a world of technology focused intelligence gathering, is originally tasked with rooting out a mole selling secrets from the FBI. But as bodies began to pile up around him, it soon becomes clear to him that the last secret sold by the mole was something that assassins from both the NSA and the Chinese are willing to kill countless innocents for. And while the far reaching espionage technology of the NSA gives them a dangerous advantage, they may have underestimated the simple tenacity and brutal efficiency of an agent like John T.

And yet Parker, a rugged military veteran and field agent who scorns the notion of desk jobs, provides the perfect contrast to the faceless, overreaching spying performed by the NSA and their unaccountable agents. Parker provides an excellent figure in heated action scenes, including multiple assassination attempts by spies both foreign and domestic, and an exciting helicopter chase. However, much of the spy intrigue is left to other characters, who often do not have enough time on the page to become interesting, if they survive at all.

And while the broad reach of the NSA and the Chinese attempt to use their spying technology provides an interesting concept, any exploration of the broader consequences of their actions are lost in exchange for the action of the climax and a simplistic resolution. Guarding Shakespeare by Quintin Peterson. Guarding Shakespeare by Quintin Peterson is a novella that follows Lt. Norman Blalock after he is made an offer he cannot refuse. He has dedicated twenty-five years of his life to The Folger Shakespeare Library, and has been passed up for promotion for the second time.

A femme fatale and professional thief introduces Norman to a criminal fat cat. The collector offers Lt. Not too long after, he is made a second offer, also for stealing something of value. Norman must choose between two more than generous offers, but he feels there is more to the story, and that he is being played for a fool. The novella is a thriller, yet it offers exquisite detail and information that you will carry with you forever.

The fat cats offering millions of dollars for their respective items seem to have ulterior motives, but you are never sure what they are. The professional thief that acted as liaison between Lt. Blalock and the collectors is not exactly trustworthy either.

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As Norman goes through the story, you are never really sure if he is being duped, or if he is the one that will be doing the duping. Valley of Long Shadows by John Hansen. Valley of Long Shadows is the third book in the Bluesuit Chronicles. It is a historically accurate account of police work in the early s, a transitional decade, when America is coming apart at the seams both politically and socially. The chronicles are based on actual events of the time, making the series a kind of fictional memoir of the author, who was a police officer at the time.

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Returning Vietnam veterans who become police officers find themselves holding the line against societal anarchy and even traditional roles between cops and robbers in police work has become more deadly. Intense conflict between unseen influences of good and evil are evident in every sphere of American life. The book carries strong themes of real-life, fast-paced action, romance, mystery, and intrigue at the end of an era filled with government betrayal, corporate failure, an angry and disillusioned public. The 70s is the decade that brought America to where it is now. Author John Hansen is at it again with the third installment in the Bluesuit Chronicles.

We find the characters thrust into increasingly dangerous situations while trying to navigate the social fabric of s Americas. Roger Hitchcock has made connections with the people around him and has found his footing in this new world. A world where almost everyone seems to only look out for themselves. Told from a first person perspective, the author dives straight into the human aspect of the events in Vietnam and how they are affecting the soldiers coming home.

Flight of No Return by Mike Paull. Paull kicks off this final book in the series with a murder in a New York City hotel room. JT Talbot wants his money back — the money he stole from the insurance company and Raven stole back to return to the rightful owner.

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